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We Are Unity (48 Inch Print)

We Are Unity (48 Inch Print)

  • Printed, and idividually signed by me :)
  • archival paper and ink.
  • 48" X 12"

We Are Unity.

We are the unity of forces in motion 
Mutually moving to bewildering rhythums
Spectators to the vast array of dancing flux

It is all around us, because it is us
Through our eyes we accept light 
But it is our vision that evokes color and form
From emere quanta we do this
Thus the universe discribed in quanta
Intertwines with our being to bring life
Life in all its forms
A vigorously diverse dance 
That renderes us swept 
Into it's mystical flurry 

We are the will of wandering bliss
In colors of agony and love 
The dance of hues in storms of grey
We are mere quanta 
going where we want to 
The dream of a dreaming dream 
A clash of potential energy 
That was mean to be
We are the quaking mess 
The identity address 
You and I

We Are Unity 
In mind 
In spirit 

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