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----- Currently in Pre-Alpha ------

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"Glimmer"is an procedurally generated adventure RPG with crafting and roguelike elements. You start as a newly hatched golem, and find yourself at the foot of a singular radiant tree. A rare source of light in a dark and ever shifting world. In Gimmer areas of light stay the same, dark areas are ever changing. Choose where you place your lights and plant your trees to grow your golem party, defeat dark creatures, and bring light to the abyss

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Trees of Light!

Luminous beacons in the darkness. They need your tender love and care! Light loving creatures are drawn to such trees. Malevolent agents seek to consume them for power.  


Pull Your Trusty Sled

Golems don't have apposable thumbs so they can't carry very much. Craft an and upgrade your sled to haul more around. You can even add lights to ward of baddies and give you buffs. 

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A Gumb Tree In The Swamp

1 of 6 biomes, the swamp is teeming with critters. Full of commotion only some of which is friendly. Fiends wait in ambush here. 


Velvet Pools

 A landscape covered in a fuzzy layer of red fungus. The mushrooms hold many secrets. Home to some very special trees and truly strange dwellers. 


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Formidable Foes

An unknow elite in the obsidian drift. It wont be an easy battle but you can make preparations and set the stage in your favor. 

Seeking to consume light, these dark agents thirst for power. They wander the darkness gathering up minions. Why is their nature so dark and how did they get this way?  

Custom Move Combos, Haye-Ya! 

Weapons have a variety of slots and effects. Acquire
 moves through achievements and rare drops. Chain together moves for sick custom combos.
What are the most effective combos? Well depends on what your are fighting. 

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big strong mean pup

a very bad boy

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