Twinkling I, Yours and Mine

$45.00 Regular Price
$38.25Sale Price
  • Limited Edition - Only 25 avialable online, ever! 
  • Printed, signed, and numbered by the artist
  • Printed on archival metalic photo paper for greater depth.
  • 19" wide x 9.4" tall

By any stretch of the imagination what YOU are is far more than your conscious thoughts and actions. You do not focus your attention on beating your heart and yet it beats. In the same way, you do not operate your cells and yet they grow. You do not focus on shining the sun, don't crest the waves and yet they crest. "I" is a process that twinkles in the universe. "I" dances by the same rhythm as the oceans and stars. And when the stars Twinkle so do "I". The twinkle is in the I, yours and mine.

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