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Quiet Stones and that Lilly Feeling (Print)

Quiet Stones and that Lilly Feeling (Print)

  • Printed, signed, and numbered by the artist
  • Archival ink and paper
  • 10" X 22"

"A mind that thinks all the time has nothing to think about but thoughts"

There once was a thought, who once had a feeling. But it has been a while. "Where did I put it?" He thought. I'm sure it was here, I think. I'm sure I felt it he thought. "Maybe it's in my pocket...oh, it's not"."I know, I'll think about all the thoughts that could possibly lead me to the feeling I forgot. Did I think about it right? apparently not" "What was even the feeling I sought? did I even feel it or not..?The exhausted thought finally gave up and in the silence there was music, and it was a marvelous feeling.

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