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Celestial Play and the Dancing Sway (Print)

Celestial Play and the Dancing Sway (Print)

  • Printed and signed individually by me :)
  • Archival ink and paper
  • 10" X 22"

On a starry night moonlight trickles though the forest speckling the leaves.
The wind dances the canopy orchestrating a symphony of light
Calling for celestial play and the dancing sway of the forest.

This one was greatly inspired by frequent nostalgic feelings I've been having as of late. Mostly feelings that stem from early childhood memories of living in Vietnam and feelings of awe I've felt spending time in the forest the last couple years. The most common feeling is this sense that of wonder and bewilderment. Somber, scary, and beautiful at the same time. 

It seems as children we take things for the experience we get out of them. But as we make out way into adulthood so many preconceived notions and expectations interfere with the resonance we can have with our experience. 

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